Vision growth is a course developed to inwardly help yourself become clear of your purpose and materialize a life that you value living. A guide to personal realization, provides step by step directions to cultivate and materialize your life's vision. This program helps you identify your authentic values with a primary focus on aligning them with your goals and motivations. Our secondary focus is to assist in development of a personal positive daily habits which is the key cultivating your vision. Let me ask you a question... When do you want to start living at your greatest?

The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe is an easy to use healing tool that provides the very foundation for expanding your emotional freedom. It is the tapping procedure that we use in every round of EFT … it is easy to learn and easy to apply, which is why EFT has become well known as a tool that anyone can use. By itself, the EFT Tapping Basic Recipe can be applied to any issue you want, and although it is still only the first step to EFT’s full potential, it continues to provide results that range from encouraging to impressive. The rest of the benefits come when you learn how to aim the tapping procedure at the best targets, but you will need to know the basics before learning the rest, so let’s get started!

A recipe, of course, has certain ingredients which must be added in a certain order. If you are baking a cake, for example, you must use sugar instead of pepper and you must add the sugar before you put it in the oven. cake.

The EFT Basic Recipe is no exception. Each ingredient must be introduced precisely as described and they must be added in the proper order.

Although I am going to some length to describe it in detail, The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe has only 5 brief steps (ingredients) and takes very little effort to learn. Once memorized, each round of it can be performed in about 30 seconds. It will take some practice, of course, but after a few tries the whole process becomes familiar and you can do it in your sleep (millions have done this, including children). You will then have a permanent tool that you can use for a lifetime.

Positivity is a state of body and mind and if out of balance one can inhibit the other. Sign up and join this course for a simple method that you can take with you for the rest of your life to create the best life possible. Includes 11 modules with a total of 54 lessons to assist your vision manifestation!